My first day with the Kinefinity Terra 4K. 


The Story

I’m in the thinking of adding a whole Terra 4k rig to my tools for telling stories. Why? The lowlights, modular abilities, and small form factor (coming from 2 years with Ursa Mini 4.6k). So since there is only one official Kinefinity Europe at Cineready Camera shop & rental in Berlin. I got in touch with them and to my great surprise they're willing to let people try the camera hands on ! So my dear friend Jhay and I flew over a week later.

The Idea

Just like I said, low light, let’s try low light with only available lights. Let’s have a light setup with a shoulder rig. And go in the streets of Berlin and wander. Spontaneously framing what it has to offer. Let’s go crazy on the ISO and let’s have some Slow-mo.

The Setup

So I had the Kine Terra 4K with the KineBack, KineMon and their handgrip, a shoulder setup. Shot all handheld, no tripod or stabiliser whatsoever. The lenses I’ve used are only the Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 and the Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm F1.4 which ended on the floor and broke a filter glass that was in front, thus giving me very interesting flares! Want organic flares? throw your lenses on the floor. (actually don’t please) The filters; IRND Cut, Schneider ProMist ¼ and finally the SLR MAGIC Vari ND.

The Pro's

Very handy form factor! Super small and light. Coming from shooting with the Ursa mini 4.6k for 2 years, this was a delight to operate. Taking off the KineBack and battery, it become baby sized, perfect for interesting inside car shots for instances. Getting up close and personal. 

The low light is very good. Been using for long GH5 and the UM4.6K, at night I couldn’t just shoot with available light in the streets, here I was not even thinking about it, with the automatic switch of the dual ISO, going to 3200 iso even up to 6400, it holds pretty well. Great surprise. The grain you could have from pumping the ISO is, for my taste very organic, no mushy or anything it’s a pattern that will not alter the story you tell. 

In the video I haven’t denoised any footage. 

The Con's

Build quality. Firmware stability. Kine Enhancer. KineMon’s brightness

1.For instance, the SideGrip fiddles a bit, it’s not a snug fit, although I haven’t had the chance to use the SDI/HDMI outputs but they seemed sturdy. But not

2.The stability of the firmware so far is a nightmare. Does not boot up, freezes here and there, bootloop on the logo, does not sometimes power off (had to take off the side grip battery and KineBack battery three times throughout the day, to power off.) 

3.So the big let down for me. The EF Kine Enhancer. Allows you to get a ratio between S35 and FF. Was eager to shoot in such a wide field of view. But unfortunately the way the EF Kine Enhancer is built doesn’t give you the chance of going to infinity focus with some very useful lenses like the ones I used in the video. So I decided to not use it. At all.

4.Well the point say’s it all. A brighter monitor would be perfect.

Here is some behind the scenes of the day by the wonderful fella @hellodannyfeng

Pictures by Danny Feng, checkout his Instagram ! He makes dope work.

Video Review Starring my freind Jhay his Instagramthanks to him for helping me with loads of stuff and came along for this test !

Two sentence conclusion

Fantastic camera for what it’s worth, love the weight and form factor. Take extra care of the highlights. Needs a v2 EF Enhancer mount; curent one is completely useless, and a better side grip design.